Enjoy the moment

waterIt has been awhile since I last wrote…for good reasons! It has been an incredibly busy summer in all areas of life. I am feeling so blessed with how life is unfolding and never imagined a plan B could be much more than I ever could dream of. This post is just about an incredible recent Sunday morning I shared with Ian where we truly just lived in the moment.

We woke up early and decided to go for a 17 mile run. It was such a beautiful rare summer morning in Florida…the heat wasn’t too steamy and there was a nice breeze. 4 miles in we were down by the water and I suggested we stop and enjoy the breeze on the water…it was quiet…just the gulf and the birds. So we sat on the ledge by the water and just enjoyed the morning sunlight…the waves …the breeze…the peacefulness.   Ian is a former surfer…so he easily gets lost into the peacefulness of water. We just sat…..for quite a while. I then suggested we go get an iced coffee and abandon our run…so we walked to a cute little Italian coffee place and got some iced coffee and espresso and ice cream…and continued to walk our way back enjoying the morning.

For so many many years, a morning like this would never have been possible. I would have been set and determined to finish my miles…not enjoying my surroundings and would have felt so guilty for stopping short and would have spent the rest of the day filled with anxiety.  I would have been planning when I could make them up. Although it makes me sad that I spent so many years missing out on so much of life…it makes everything so much sweeter now. I have no regrets…I am so grateful for life and all the beautiful people that are a part of it. Allowing myself to be flexible and enjoy the moment and connect is living for me.:)

I am happy.


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