Choosing lightness

“It’s easier to be heavy than light” (Gretchen Rubin).  This quote has resonated with me ever since I came across the book “The Happiness Project” by Gretchen Rubin.  It is a wonderful beautiful read if anyone hasn’t heard of it,and also one I will read many times.  I read this line and it made me pause and reflect on how true it is.  It is fairly easy to let something small spiral into a disaster and ruin a day or even ruminate on something that really doesn’t matter.  It is common to let worried thoughts consume our minds and distract us from our daily lives.  ( I know this is not true for everyone, but sometimes choosing to be light and happy is the harder choice)  From anyone in a recovery process, the journey is far from linear.  Sometimes choosing recovery is the hard choice, it is choosing the light when you feel like sitting in the dark.  It is choosing to be uncomfortable.  It is choosing love and happiness and acceptance when some days that seems like the farthest thing from your mind.    I find peace in recognizing that we all have choices and I feel much happier choosing lightness over darkness.  For anyone struggling with anything,  we are all stronger than we know.

be the light

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