So long then…next chapter..

naples sunsetDon’t ask me where I see myself in ten years. Life is so far from anywhere I would have pictured myself if someone had asked me that question ten years ago at the age of 24. Ha!..So much has happened that my brain could never have fathomed. Truthfully, it has taken me awhile on the journey to graciously accept that His plan is far greater than any I can imagine. Faith is a personal relationship that is different to everyone. It is something I mostly keep to myself as it is personal to me and I am also one that believes that there are no “right” answers. No matter what you believe in, I believe in the good of people and staying true to yourself. Perhaps that is the inner “hippie” in me, but I think that humanity and love are universal that can overcome any differences.   My faith has grown stronger in the last decade as I have grown on my own and have gone through some of the lowest times in my life as of yet. It was faith that gave me hope, surrender and a sense of letting go.

I am packing up getting ready to close the chapter on Naples. It has been a great home to me for a long time. I went through some of the greatest times and also the lowest times here in the last decade. My very first friend I made has become a sister to me and will be a friend for life nor matter where we live.  I am truly grateful for that. My career has started and changed here…my faith has been explored and grown…I received my outpatient treatment here…I went through my divorce here…I started over. I reinvented my life and made new friendships. Through it all, the peaceful beaches and amazing sunsets remained my “earthing” haven. A constant place of being present and not taking things for granted. I will miss them dearly as they have weathered me through some storms.  (And a Minnesota girl never takes a beach for granted!!)

So now it is on to the next chapter, and I am so excited and terrified. But first, pack, throw out everything that doesn’t add anything and simplify.   I am going to work on the motto that less is more…except for love and mushrooms and duct tape.  More duct tape is always a good thing.  May there never be a day with out consuming my beloved fungus friend.


2 thoughts on “So long then…next chapter..”

  1. Well, this one raised goosebumps on me….until your paragraph about Naples, what you wrote could have been written by me….how incredibly similar are our world views…at least as far as faith, and personal philosophies go. Guess I’ve always known that but could not have articulated the specifics as well as you did by putting your ideas in writing!

    One thing you might want to look at: in your last paragraph, did you really mean to use the word”expect”. Or perhaps you meant “except”?

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