Give Presence

I was feeling the urge to get lost in a project today…the urge to create something. I haven’t been able to run much lately due to a nagging injury, so my mind is a little restless. I find that creative projects are almost as therapeutic as running for me. Whether it is painting, distressing furniture, cooking, writing, or today it was working with leather. I went to the store with no idea in mind…I love that part of creating…’s not forced…it just happens. I sound like a just described a great bathroom moment. Ha! I was attracted to some leather and fun looking tools and thought I would entertain the idea. Leather is already cool…how bad can you mess it up right? I decided to carve a favorite message of mine lately; ”Give Presence”.   I texted Ian my idea and he responded with “what do those words mean to you” Hence why I am now writing. My mind started spinning….not only was I engulfed in a fun project and my music was playing…now I thought about the WHY??….Why do I love these words? What do they mean to me?

Being present is a hard thing…especially for me. My mind is filled with so many distractions. What I need to to…what I should be doing…what I didn’t do…I should be doing more…I need to reach out to so and so…I should run…why did I eat that? ..I should really take my clothes out of the dryer instead of restart the cycle…I need to fundraise…..the mental chatter is endless! I have tried meditation…which I found hysterical. I am pretty sure I was only hearing my gassy awkward stomach. So being present to me…means acknowledging and being grateful for what I have now. Not being lost in what I want my life to be like years from now and not dwelling on the past. It is a daily acknowledgement of all that I have and all the wonderful people in my life.  It is remembering that life is a beautiful journey with amazing sunsets and horrible storms…green fields and rugged mountains…soothing rain and full moons. Even in the midst of a storm ….life is a gift.   In the deep moments of the greatest serenity…life is a gift not to be taken for granted.   I want to be present for it all.give presence-Meg

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