The Grinch is NOT stealing Christmas…

It’s the holiday season…this can be viewed as either a happy time or a sad/lonely time depending on your state of mind. I generally look forward to this time of year when work slows down, friends and families get together and wear ugly sweaters for fun and eat drink and be merry. People seem happier and smiles seem brighter. That all sounds like a month of living in Mr. Wonka’s chocolate factory right?    Then there is the viewpoint that this time of year can be one of the loneliest and stressful time of the year. As it highlights what you may not have in your life or pressure to deal with finding perfect gifts and dealing with family you would rather throw your drink at than see once a year. Perhaps you are estranged from your family, or you recently ended a relationship, or you just love being a Grinch:)  I myself, just ended my relationship that has been a huge part of my life this past year. #Holidaybreakupssuck.   It’s sad an always a loss to end any relationship, but being honest about what you want is sometimes the hardest thing to acknowledge. Normally, I would look at this as yet another failure in the book of Meg. I would dread going home and yet again feel like the oddball out at family gatherings. Thoughts of “Will I ever have a family of my own?…what about kids?…Do I even want kids? My nephew won’t shut up about trucks…what if I had to deal with that? ”…and so on and so on. It is an internal dialog of comparing myself to others:(  Get out of your head Meg!!

However, instead of getting on that same old train of self-criticism and internal vomit, I am choosing to embrace this time of year and step back and reflect on how I have grown and what I can learn from this year. I have been beyond blessed! No matter what is going on in life, this is a time to choose love and remember it is about the gift that He gave us and His presence. So for anyone having a hard time getting into the holiday spirit…step off that train and reflect on all that is great in your life and be thankful for even the small things. I have to make a conscious effort sometimes to change my perspective…but it is always worth my time. I am looking forward to visiting family in Minnesota for a few snowy days:)

Happy Holidays!!


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